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Local Search Marketing

Getting found and ranked highly by search engines today involves good website SEO, a strong presence in citation sites such as Merchant Circle, Manta and Google + along with an active presense on popular social media sites.

Video Based Promotions

We  use video based promotions such as live webinars, business profile videos, virtual real estate tours and product showcase videos to help businesses use the explosive growth of  online video to promote their products and services.


Efficient E-Procurement

Representing in Idaho Sicommnet’s award winning online e-procurement system that increases efficiencies, reduces costs and simplifies and streamlines the purchasing process for Idaho agencies and and Idaho vendors (businesses) alike.

Welcome to Applied Marketing Group

Starting with the maturation of the internet, digital marketing channels have been transforming integrated marketing at a dizzying pace. Some industry observers believe the recent changes in search engine marketing combined with the ongoing explosive growth of social media marketing and mobile marketing have turned traditional integrated marketing on its head. There is no question that these digital media are commanding a place at the table. As the growth and concurrent waves of change continue apace, search engine marketing, local search marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing command serious attention by savvy business marketers.

One of the hottest recent trends in marketing today is the hyper-explosive growth of Video Marketing. Video is showing up in advertising on websites and social media sites, as key components of content marketing strategies, in mobile marketing campaigns, as central elements in sales funnels,in email marketing campaigns, as the first touchpoint in lead generation campaigns … and the list goes on. Online Video has become an increasingly important part of the marketing mix and marketing budgets for most organizations.

Successful digital advertising campaigns are typically well integrated with existing marketing strategies, channels and programs. It is not a simple either-or choice. Rather, it is a matter of how to best integrate digital and traditional channels.

At Applied Marketing Group, we strive to help clients maximize their marketing efforts by successfully integrating digital media and traditional media. Contact us today to explore ways we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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