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Online Video Marketing is Exploding!

Here are just a few reasons why :.
  • Savvy marketers have tested and verified that video marketing works ...
  • Smartphones, pads and other digital devices are used everywhere to download videos...
  • Video sharing sites have made watching videos commonplace today ...

Why Savvy Marketers Are Using Marketing Videos

Videos Can Increase Engagement

When it comes to engagement, online video is 5.33 times more effective than text alone. Websites and social media alike experience higher engagement rates when video is used over text and static images.

Videos Can Reach Target Audiences

Videos can be created to message very specific groups of people with content that addresses what is important to those viewers.

Social Media Is Driving Up Video Usage

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, Google +, Blogger,Flickr and many more social media sites allow video uploads. Engagement goes up when posts on these sites include videos so the numbers of posts with videos is increasing dramatically.

Videos Help Marketers Tell Their Stories

Video is among the most powerful and most popular storytelling tools available to marketers. Videos involve the visual and auditory senses and can deliver messages that evoke emotions in viewers.

Lead Generation Videos Produce Results

As a lead generation tool, video can engage users, answer questions, demonstrate value and build a sense of trust.

Marketing Videos Can Be Cost Effective

No longer the exclusive realm of production studios, videos can now be produced using cost effective software and online solutions. In addition, broad based consumer acceptance of video helps create better ROI performance.

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